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Psychodiagnostic Assessment 


A smaller, but nonetheless important, part of our practice involves the provision of psychodiagnostic assessment services. Many of the patients that require these services have histories of mental illnesses of various types and severity that may also be accompanied by cognitive problems. Thus, we are able to provide both projective and objective psychodiagnostic assessment. We provide psychodiagnostic evaluations Of patients with chronic pain syndromes and other medical disorders (generally in rehabilitation settings).


Additionally, psychodiagnostic assessment may be particularly important in forensic cases involving bodily injury and emotional distress (unrelated to brain injury).Many patients with behavioral and emotional disorders may present with associated cognitive complaints and deficits that are not associated with primary neurological disorders. Thus, a comprehensive differential diagnosis may prove invaluable in the development of an effective treatment program with resolution of the cognitive complaints. Psychodiagnostic assessment is often a valuable component of this process.

Outpatient Services
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