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NFL Concussion Settlement


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Retired NFL players who have opted in to the NFL Concussion Settlement can obtain a neuropsychological assessment through the Baseline Assessment Program (BAP) or the Monetary Award Fund (MAF) Program. Assessments are conducted by Lori Holt, PhD, ABPP-CN or one of the other Neuropsychologist-Associates from our practice with expertise in sports neuropsychology and traumatic brain injury. 

Nature of the Assessments:

Both the BAP and the MAF Neuropsychological Assessment involve a clinical interview and the administration of a battery of neuropsychological tests and clinical rating instruments designed to provide a standardized, quantitative evaluation of the current level of cognitive functioning in qualified retired professional football players. The measures include a variety of tasks in the following cognitive domains:  1) Complex Attention and Processing Speed; 2) Learning and Memory; 3) Visual-Perceptual Processing; 4) Language; 5) Executive Functioning. Also assessed are psychological functioning and psychiatric symptomatology, functional status and performance validity. These assessments tyically take between 5 and 7 hours to complete.  Breaks are given throughout the day and players are encouraged to bring snacks/beverages and a lunch. They should also bring a list of current medications, as well as any required reading glasses, hearing aides, or other assistive devices. 
If the player is accompanied to the appointment by a family member or caregiver, the doctor may wish to interview him/her regarding the player’s functional status. Players may also bring in copies of their medical records or other documents relevant to their cognitive status. In addition, those with cognitive concerns resulting in functional impairment are advised to bring Form SWS-3 or a similar sworn statement completed by someone who is not a family member who can attest to the player’s functional impairment. 

How to Obtain a BAP Neuropsychological Assessment:

Retired players wishing to undergo a BAP Neuropsychological Assessment must schedule the appointment through the BAP Administrator: Epiq/Garretson Resolution Group (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Fees for the BAP Neuropsychological Assessment are covered by the NFL Concussion Settlement. For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the BAP, please see this link from the NFL Concussion Settlement website.


How to Obtain an MAF Neuropsychological Assessment:

Those going through the MAF program may contact us directly at 310-855-1265 to schedule an appointment for a neuropsychological evaluation after they have received a referral from a Qualified MAF Physician (if you need to find a Qualified MAF Physician near you, you can use the MAF Physician Locator provided through the NFL Concussion Settlement website). Fees for the MAF Neuropsychological Assessment are paid by the retired player or his legal counsel. Insurance does not provide coverage or reimbursement for these evaluations. 



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