NFL Concussion Screening

Nature and Purpose:


The purpose of this assessment is to provide a baseline measurement of your neuropsychological status
both to determine the current level of functioning, and to provide a basis for comparison in the
future should the player experience any changes in your cognitive and/or psychological status. This
assessment does not establish a patient/doctor relationship, and no treatment will be provided.
The methods that will be employed as part of this assessment, which include the measures,
procedures, interpretive guidelines, and impairment criteria, have been pre-determined, specified
and agreed to as part of the NFL Concussion Settlement.

Assessment Process:
Neuropsychological assessment involves the systematic evaluation of an individual’s cognitive,
intellectual, emotional and behavioral functioning. The Neuropsychological examination typically
involves a clinical interview, in which questions will be asked about player's background and current
medical and psychological symptoms. In addition, the evaluation will also include administration of
a series of specialized and carefully standardized psychometric assessment measures. These
measures allow us to assess a variety of relevant domains that include (but are not limited to)
general intellectual functioning, attention and information processing, learning and memory,
speech and language, visuospatial abilities, conceptual reasoning/problem-solving and other
executive capacities, and psychological functioning. The total time needed for the exam will
generally range between 5 and 6 hours, though may run slightly longer.

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