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  • How long is the neuropsychological assessment and what can be expected afterward?
    The neuropsychological assessment typically lasts between 6-8 hours, depending on the individual. Testing sessions can be extended over the course of 1-3 days in order to prevent fatigue which may interfere with performance. There are several parts to the assessment 1) the doctor will conduct an interview with the patient and family to review the patient’s history and discuss any questions that need to be addressed. 2) In-person Neuropsychological testing 3) Patients and/or family members could be asked to fill out questionnaires to provide invaluable information about the presenting concerns. 4) The feedback session typically scheduled 2 weeks following the completed testing and interview. The feedback will consist of an in-depth discussion detailing the testing results and the unique pattern of strengths and weakness of the patient. Diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and referrals are provided in feedback.
  • What does the Neuropsychological Testing consist of?
    Neuropsychological evaluation does not involve any poking, prodding, or needles! The evaluation will be comprised of computerized tasks, a verbally based question and answer format with the examiner, as well as written paper and pencil activities. Some tests will be timed while others will not, and the examinee is fully oriented to each new task as the testing progresses. Breaks are provided and often encouraged as we strive to assess your neuropsychological abilities in the most optimal conditions with time set aside for rest or snacks.
  • What should I bring to the evaluation?
    Please bring hearing aids, eye glasses, or any other items which will allow you to engage in the assessments comfortably. Patients are allowed breaks whenever needed; however, they may wish to bring a lunch so that they can eat on-site, thus maximizing the time for testing. Patients are also welcome to bring snacks, coffee or other beverages to consume during the course of the evaluation. Please also bring a list of any medications
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not accept insurance. Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not adequately provide for neuropsychological testing. Please check with your individual insurance plan to see their reimbursement policies. We can provide a superbill which can be sent to your insurance carrier if needed.
  • What is the parking like?
    Full-day parking in the Encino Executive Towers is $12.00 per day (with a full day accruing after 2 hours). Unfortunately, validation is not provided. Parking Attendants do not allow in and out.
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