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NEUROSCIENCE ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED is a multi-specialty clinical neuropsychology practice founded by Dr. Jeffrey Schaeffer in 1980. The practice was organized in response to the growing need for information concerning the adverse effects of brain injury and disease of the central nervous system upon cognitive, intellectual, emotional and behavioral capacities and function. Such information has direct relevance to a number of areas including differential diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation program planning, predictive outcome, educational, and forensic applications among others.
Our practice consists of a number of Associates trained in both clinical neuropsychology as well as general clinical psychology. We feature a multi-cultural/multi-lingual focus in the provision of our services. Several of our Associates hail from differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and are fluent in a variety of languages. These languages, besides English, also include Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Armenian, Japanese, and Chinese (Mandarin and Taiwanese dialects). Our Associates also possess areas of special interest and expertise that include Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric neuropsychology, neuropsychology of medical disorders and brain injury, substance abuse and neurotoxic-related disorders, developmental and psychoeducational disturbances, and a variety of forensic situations that include personal injury matters, workers compensation and criminal cases.
Neuroscience Associates Inc. provides primarily diagnostic and consultative services. Although we provide limited psychotherapeutic interventions primarily on an inpatient basis. Referral sources include physicians, psychologists and other mental health practitioners, insurance carriers, managed care organizations, IPAs and PPOs, educational institutions, attorneys, the courts, and government agencies.
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